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Canton Fair


The Canton Fair is the most important event in China with over 50 years of history has already passed by the 100th year edition.
It takes place in both April and October in which three distinct phases that include all the different categories of goods produced in China.


The fair is visited by approximately 220,000 buyers from around the world and expose about 20,000 Chinese firms.
The Pazhou exhibition venue is the largest trade fair complex in Asia, ultramodern architecture is estendendono to 1,160,000 square meters with about 338,000 square meters of exhibition indoor and outdoor 43,600 square meters.

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Products shown in Step 1

Products shown in Step 2

Products shown in Step 3

  •   Appliances

  •   Consumer electronics and IT products

  •   Electrical, Electronic and Electrical    Products

  •   Products for computer and    telecommunications

  •   lighting

  •   Building materials and decorations

  •   Sanitary wares for bathroom

  •   hydraulics

  •   chemistry

  •   Cycles and Motorcycles

  •   Ironmongery and small items

  •   tools

  •   Machinery and equipment

  •   Spare parts

  •   Vehicles and construction machinery

  •   International Exhibition Hall

  •  Items for the kitchen and table

  •   household

  •   pottery

  •   ceramics

  •   Home decor

  •   furnishings

  •   Wum, rattan, iron

  •   Garden Furniture

  •   Garden products

  •   Toys

  •   Gifts

  •   Festive items

  •   Watches and Optics

  •   Artifacts Stone and Iron

  •   Articles for body and Cleaning Staff

  •   disposable

  •   Stained glass

  • Clothing for Men and Women

  •   Clothing for Kids

  •   Intimate Apparel

  •   Sportswear and Casual

  •   Leather, fur and feather

  •   footwear

  •   Home textile

  •   Carpets and Upholstery

  •   Office Supplies

  •   Sports and leisure

  •   Cases and Bags

  •   medicines

  •   Medical Equipment

  •   feed

  •   Natural Products

  • International Exhibition Hall

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