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Purchase management


Purchasing management and documentation

CBCS is your desk in China, it's your voice, your eye is your daily presence in the place of production.
Our staff has the task of finalizing all the work in exhibitions, in factories, in various meetings and merge it as clearly as possible in the sales contract.
Defining quality in every detail, packaging, labeling, control all the necessary certifications, choosing the best payment, the definition of the timing of all phases of production are very delicate and very important, what is not clarified and specified before the contract , is unlikely to be changed in the future without the inevitable cost increases and delays on all timescales.

CBCS will follow on a daily basis responsible for the sale and production, control the timing of supply of raw materials by enforcing all the details agreed.
If requested and necessary, there may be a phase that will start from the inspection and sampling will continue in accordance with the decisions of the customer as and when necessary.
CBCS will also handle all the post-production phase such as the reservation of the container, precautions and instructions on how to load the goods, prompting companies more suitable for fast shipping to the port of destination, customs documentation management, certification and payment.

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