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Yiwu market

Fiera di yiwu futian

Permanent holistic Yiwu Market

Our office in Yiwu has become of paramount importance to all customers who need to buy in the market permanent multi-sectoral.
Founded in 1982, has now reached enormous dimensions with about 62,000 stand to become the first wholesale market in the world for extension: 4,000,000 square meters!
It has a turnover of billions of 45,606 yuan and has about 576,000 containers exported annually.

To purchase you must be accompanied by an agent of Chinese (as our society) because it comes in Chinese, you pay in yuan and almost no Chinese seller has a license to export.
  Consequently, the Agent will receive the money from the customer, convert them into yuan and delivery, after checking the quality, pay the goods and finally consolidate into one container.

The European quality standards do not allow the purchase of many product categories for lack of certifications, so some areas such as electrical products, toys, medical and para-medical, lighting, etc.. are disadvantaged.

The areas most visited are those relating to household goods, jewelery, Christmas decorations, gifts, artificial flowers, hair accessories, umbrellas, luggage and bags, office stationery, promotional items, belts, scarves, gloves, hats and accessories in general, articles of daily use.I settori più visitati sono quelli riferiti ai prodotti casalinghi, bigiotteria, decorazioni natalizie, regalo, fiori artificiali, accessori per capelli, ombrelli, valigie e borse, ufficio e cancelleria, articoli promozionali, cinture, sciarpe, guanti, cappelli ed accessori in genere, articoli di uso giornaliero.


The staff, working only with Italian customers, acquired our concept of quality standards and is able to treat all stages of packaging.
If the quantities are limited, the Chinese sellers are not interested in printing labels, barcodes, special bags etc..
We realize all the 'necessary, stickers and all kinds of custom packaging from our suppliers in order to have a uniform quality. Then distribute them to individual suppliers.
Quality control is very thorough and reflects the client's instructions. If there are any discrepancies, the goods will be photographed and will be the customer to decide whether to accept the differences or reject the goods.
Yiwu now to buy almost all the major groups of the world as Auchan, Tesco, Metro, Carrefour, Ikea, Walmart, Lidl, Costco and many others.

Yiwu is a well-established and after the Canton Fair is a milestone for all buyers in the world.

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